Next-generation Nissan Titan to get a HEMI?

Now that Chrysler will be building the next-generation Nissan Titan, the automotive industry is wondering how much input will actually come from Chrysler and whether or not the new Nissan Titan will just be a rebadged Dodge Ram.

Speaking to AutoObserver, William J. Krueger, Nissan’s senior vice-president in North America, said that the next-generation Titan will employ the architecture of the new 2009 Dodge Ram, however ‘the upper body will be unique to Nissan.’ Assembly of the new Titan will begin in 2011 at Chrysler’s Saltillo, Mexico plant.

Krueger said that the Dodge Ram’s underpinnings will enable the possibility for a wide range of models for the Titan, which is currently limited to just two body styles and single V8. So will it get a HEMI?

“That’s still being worked out,” Krueger said. “Initially, maybe it doesn’t make sense,” he said, stating that Chrysler may hesitate¬†share HEMI image with Nissan.

Either way, the V8 segment for the Titan feel strong pressure from stricter fuel-economy standards. Nissan could, however, enjoy Chrysler’s V6 for the Titan.


Source: AutoObserver

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