Cadillac CTS Coupe Convertible nixed from future lineup

BMW has the 3-Series Convertible; Mercedes-Benz will introduce a new CLK next year; Lexus is also working on an IS Convertible and Nissan just confirmed a G37 Convertible this week; So you would think GM would somewhere throw in a major hint about a CTS convertible based on their popular new CT Coupe Concept.

However, and sadly enough, InsideLine is reporting that a CTS Coupe Convertible has been scratched off the production schedule. In an interview with Cadillac spokesman David Cladwell about the possibility of a CTS convertible, Cladwell seemed a bit skeptical that it would ever see the light of day.

“This issue of a convertible is one of the very rare times where we decline the offer to,” Cladwell told InsideLine.

Come on GM! It would be nice to see a CTS Coupe Convertible and maybe one day a CTS-V Coupe Convertible as well.


Source: InsideLine