6 gas-saving tips that make little or no difference

With gas-prices reaching record numbers, one of the main things you probably discuss amongst your friends and co-workers is how much you paid for gas the last time you fueled-up. And then you all probably sit there and go “Oh how I miss the days where I only had to cash out $25 to fill up my tank.”

And then some other guy/girl who thinks they are extremely enlightened on the issue throws around some gas-saving tip┬álike “Dude you should drive with your AC off and crank down the windows.” Well that may be a good tip if you’re driving around-town. However driving on the highway at high-speeds with your windows down can actually increase aerodynamic drag requiring your car to burn more fuel.

So what tips should you listen to? Well, how about you just check out CNNMoney’s top 6 gas-saving myths and be aware of advice that you should NOT listen to.

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1. Fill your tank in the morning
2. Change your air filter
3. Use premium fuel
4. Pump up your tires
5. To A/C or not A/C
6. Bolt-ons and pour-ins (buying gadgets to make your car more fuel-efficient)

Head over to CNNMoney to read the details on each one