Next Pagani Zonda to carry supercharged V8 from McLaren SLR

The new Pagani Zonda is already out on the roads as engineers test the newly developed prototype. An upgrade to the nine-year old model, the new Pagani Zonda has soft curves instead of the sharp creases, a larger grille and larger intakes, hinting at more power.

Word on the street is that the current AMG supplied 7.3 liter V12 that produces 547-hp will be replaced by a new supercharged 5.4 liter V8 from the McLaren SLR.

Along with being more fuel-efficient the engine is capable of producing up to 680-hp. With the use of lightweight carbon fiber construction, that should give the new Pagani Zonda the ability to do 0-60 in the low three second range with a top speed beyond 200mph. First production versions are due out in early 2009.

Click through for a video of the new Zonda prototype.



Source: AutoExpress

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