Jaguar XF picks up 2008 Fleet World Design of the Year Editor’s Award

The new owner of Jaguar, Tata Motors, has something to be proud of today. Jaguar has won the Fleet World ‘Design of the Year Editor’s Award’ for the second year in a row with its new Jaguar XF. This makes it the XF’s 12th international award since it was revealed last September. Jaguar’s C-XF won the award last year.

“With XF, when you get inside the cabin and feel the quality, then drive it on the open road you realize that the company has delivered on its promise. It is an exceptional car that turns heads like no other in its class,” said Chairman of Judges George Emmerso.

“It’s highly gratifying to receive recognition for the new phase in Jaguar design and this is further clarification that this new direction is absolutely right for the brand,” said the main man behind the XF’s good looks, Ian Callum.

The 2008 Jaguar XF is available now at dealers nationwide with the base 4.2 liter V8 Jaguar XF priced at $49,975 while the Supercharged variant is priced at $62,975.

2008 Jaguar XF:

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