U.S. VW plant will build Jetta, a new sedan and maybe Cayenne

Volkswagen has announced that it will outline its plans for a production facility in the U.S. in July. While the German automaker has yet to officially announce where the facility to would be built, sites in Alabama Tennessee and Michigan are being considered.

According to a German business newspaper, Volkswagen could build the next-generation Porsche Cayenne SUV at its new U.S. plant. Handelsblatt, said the Porsche Cayenne could see production in the U.S. when the new factory opens its doors in 2010.

Spokesman Andreas Meurer did not deny that the new factory could built Porsche vehicles.

“When we discuss whether to build the Touareg and Q7 in the USA, we also talk about the Cayenne,” Meurer told Automotive News Europe.

Meurer said that the new factory would initially build about 150,000 units of the Volkswagen Jetta and a new sedan the same size as the Passat.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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