McLaren’s new supercar to rival Ferrari F430, convertible and 600-hp variants planned

Prototypes of McLarens anticipated second supercar have begun testing mid-April. Known as the P11, the car is expected to arrive in dealerships in March 2010 after it makes its debut in autumn 2009.

Insides have told AutoCar, that the car will be pitched as a rival for the Ferrari F430 and will be available in both, coupe and convertible variants. The soft-top convertible version will make its debut in March of 2011.

Power for the car is said to come from a V8 engine built in partnership with Mahle and will be based on an existing Mercedes-Benz unit. Output is expected to be rated at 550-hp.

A faster and much lighter version of the supercar, codenamed P12, will make its debut in the summer of 2011. Power for the P12 is expected to come from a V10 engine producing over 600-hp.


Source: AutoCar

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