Lexus leads J.D. Power ranking in the UK

Toyota is shining with pride in the UK. In a recent J.D. Power survey, Lexus was ranked as the leader in customer satisfaction while the Toyota Prius retained its position as the top-ranked model in the UK.

The results were based on interviews of more than 16,000 UK car owners after they had owned the vehicles for more than two years. Owners were surveyed about quality, reliability, appeal, dealership service and ownership costs.

Out of the best possible score of 1,000 points, Lexus raked in a customer satisfaction score of 866. Volkswagen owned Skoda was second with 846 points.

The Toyota Prius also retained its top position as the UK’s top-ranked model, followed by the Honda Jazz (Fit) and the Lexus IS.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription News)

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