Hyundai kills plans for Kia pickup, new compact car coming instead

This is the kind of news that usually folks like Reuters and Automotive News report, but our friend Ray Wert from Jalopnik is out hanging out with the Koreans this week for the Hyundai Genesis launch in Korea. Here are the latest details about the upcoming Kia pickup we told you about back in March. Simply put, there won’t be one.

Dr. Dong Jin Kim, Vice Chairman and CEO of Hyundai, said that the automaker has interest in the pickup market, however high-gas prices are killing the truck market.

“We don’t think right now is the right time to introduce one to the market. We investigated when we built the Kia Georgia plant, but in this environment we were forced to give up thoughts of the truck,” said Kim. “Neither Hyundai nor Kia will produce one for the U.S.”

Instead the Hyundai plant in Georgia will get a new C-Segment Kia car. Kim said that if the platform allows Hyundai could also get the new small car.


Source: Jalopnik

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