Spy Shot: A very hazy image of Infiniti’s BMW 1-Series rival

Supposedly our crazy friends at CAR are pretty slick with snatching photos of cars that automakers don’t want you to see until their launch date. They did with a couple of Audi’s before and today CAR says they have the first exclusive photo of Infiniti’s BMW 1-Series rival.

CAR snapped the photo with their camera phone at a recent Nissan press event during Nissan design chief Shiro Nakamura”s presentation. Don’t be mad if Nissan never invites you back again guys.

Last week, reports surfaced that Infiniti was asking the top heads at Nissan for a BMW 1-Series rival. While details are still sketchy (and this photo is really blurry), all we know so far is that Infiniti is looking at a small, high-end crossover or a coupe/cabriolet as body styles.

The car is expected to arrive around 2010. We’re left wondering if the Nissan Z platform will come into play for this baby Infiniti.


Source: CAR

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