Nissan takes over 1,500 GT-R orders in 1 month in Europe

Nissan announced today that just one month after it started booking orders for the new 2009 GT-R in Europe, Nissan has received over 1,500 for the supercar.

Dealers started taking orders on April 2nd while on-line orders began just 2 days later. Dealers have already taken a year’s worth of supply in one month with 950 orders coming from the UK alone.

Deliveries of the 2009 Nissan GT-R are scheduled to start in March of 2009. The U.S. allocation for the 2008 model year is sold out and 60% of the 2009 model year has already been pre-sold. Deliveries for the U.S. start this July.

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Nissan GT-R:

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Press Release:


CASCAIS, Portugal, 5th May 2008 – Just one month after the European order books were opened for its all-new supercar, Nissan has received over 1500 orders for the GT-R.
Selected dealers across Europe began taking orders on 2nd April, with on-line orders starting two days later.  Since then the 56 nominated High Performance Dealers across Europe have already taken a year”s supply of orders in one month. Nine hundred and fifty orders for GT-R have been taken in the UK alone.

European deliveries of the GT-R are scheduled to start in March next year. For those passionate car enthusiasts who have put down a deposit for a GT-R in Europe, there will be a series of tailored customer events and experiences giving them the opportunity to see the car up-close, get to know it and, ultimately, experience its performance before they take delivery.

Furthermore, a network of specialist dealers – Nissan High Performance Centres – have been appointed across Europe to ensure that GT-R customers receive the level of specialist attention and aftersales care that this special car warrants. They will invest in the specialist sales and technical training for their staff that such a car demands, as well as the highly sophisticated equipment necessary to maintain and repair the GT-R.

The Nissan High Performance Centres have been chosen because they share the passion that customers have for the GT-R, and they have met strict criteria in terms of customer satisfaction, resources and location.

Nissan has developed a suite of activities and services which will ensure that customers receive the highest levels of care between ordering and taking delivery of their GT-R, and when they have the keys in their hand.
The GT-R VIP Service for customers waiting to take delivery of their GT-R will provide a dedicated call-centre for handling all order enquiries. In addition, customers will be given access to a “Your GT-R” section of the website, allowing them to manage their experience via the web while waiting for delivery.
Then, after delivery a subscription-based VIP Aftersales Service will be available, providing a five-star travel information and organisation service (including taxi service, train, car rental, hotel and reservation facilities), as well as Home Assistance (including locksmith, plumber, electrician and glazier) in some countries.
Plus, all customers will benefit from a free Pickup Service for their GT-R for all scheduled service and warranty repair appointments while the vehicle is under warranty. Customers can specify any pick-up and delivery point (subject to certain conditions).
In the US, the allocation for model year 2008 GT-Rs is sold out, and 60% of 2009″s allocation has already been pre-sold. Customer deliveries of the car begin in the US in July.

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