Mystery man putting up funny road signs in Australia

A mystery man in Austrailia who has nothing better to do is having fun with drivers by putting up funny road signs. Or maybe he’s just protesting IDOT’s ban on Oak Lawn’s funny stop signs, but we highly doubt that. Anyway, these funny official looking signs have been popping up in Carnbourne-Frankston Rd, Langwarrin.

Citizen Mrs. Turner said she has never encountered such distasteful signs in her 63 years of living in the area. Well, Mrs. Turner get a sense of humor, because we particularly find the ‘Hump’ sign very amusing.

Other funny signs include:

– NOTICE – If you notice this notice, you’ll notice it’s not worth noticing.
– CAUTION – This sign has SHARP EDGES. DO NOT TOUCH THE EDGES OF THIS SIGN. Also, the bridge is out ahead.


Source: Frankston Standard Leader (via AutoBlog)