Hyundai and Microsoft to develop SYNC-like technology for Korean cars

They said it before that they would do it and now it seems like Microsoft is ready to share its auto-technology and software with other automakers. Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group and Microsoft announced today that they will be working together to produce a Ford SYNC-like technology that uses voice commands to control personal music players and mobile phones.

Together, the two will offer a solution based on the Microsoft Auto software platform, bringing the future of in-car technology to Hyundai-Kia drivers worldwide.

We’ll first see the product in the North American market in 2010 where the voice-controlled connectivity will work between mobile phones and mp3 players. It will then spread out to Asia and European Markets and expand into multimedia and navigation devices.

The first product, a next-generation infotainment system that provides voice-controlled connectivity between mobile devices, will be introduced in the North American market in 2010. It will further apply to Asian and European markets, and expand into multimedia and navigation devices. 

Hyundai-Kia and Microsoft will continue to offer new functions through added upgrades in the form of software program updates.