BMW to use 4-cylinder in 1-Series, next 7-Series to come in hybrid

In a recent interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, BMW CEO said that the brand will be using the four-cylinder engine it produces jointly with PSA in its BMW branded cars. According to a report, BMW had originally planned to use the four-cylinder engine only in its MINI lineup.

The future generation of BMW 1-Series will be using the four-cylinder engine.

Reithofer also briefly mentioned that the next-generation of the BMW 7-Series will be fitted with a hybrid engine. We expect more details when the full interview is released.

Photo Rendering: 2009 BMW 7-Series:


and a rather aggressive take on the next 7-Series”¦

Photo Renderings: 2009 BMW 7-Series:

Photo Renderings: 2009 BMW 7-Series Photo Renderings: 2009 BMW 7-Series 


Source: Forbes
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