Son crashes dad’s Ferrari F360 Challenge Straddle

How many times have you called home and said “Dad I just got in a car accident. I’m okay but the car just got totaled.” Most of the time your father would come right away to help you out and make sure you’re not hurt. But what happens when you call home and say “Dad I just totalled your Ferrari.”

A son had to make that call this past weekend on Saturday after destroying the front of his father’s F360 Challenge Straddle, one of just 16 imported in Australia and New Zealand in 2004.

The crash took place on Batman Avenue where the speeding Ferrari crashed and wrapped around a pole. News crews filmed the unhurt driver as he called home to report the sad news after which he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Right. He probably wanted to go to the hospital because he knew he’d be safer there than facing his father when he got home.


Source: Sydney Morning Herald (via AutoBlog)

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