1980 Batmobile for sale on eBay for $500,000

There’s a lot you can do with $500,000 to turn heads in your society. You can go out and buy a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Ferrari or Bentley. But nothing will turn heads like a Batmobile.

One of the 5 1980 Batmobiles have popped up on the auction block on eBay Motors and if you have $500,000 to throw around *(are willing to go through the process of signing a contract with Warner Bros.), you can take on Gotham city in your own style.

The chassis and V8 engine come from a Chevrolet 350.  Of course we doubt you can fit this in your garage so get a head start on the Batcave.

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1980 Batmobile for sale on eBay:




Source: eBay Motors