Geiger Cars tunes the massive Ford F650

German tuner Geiger Cars is well known for tuning imported American cars. Based out of Munich, the company recently now imported the giant F650 to give it their touch.

Measuring 21.3 feet in length and weighing 5.2 tons, the Ford F650’s 6.7 liter engine produces 320-hp that will hardly do anything performance wise. Knowing that, Geiger Cars was more interested in torque to increase the main function of the truck, which is to simply haul cargo and drive through any terrain possible. Geiger engineers gave the massive F650 a peak torque of 737.6 lb-ft, which compares to the likes of the Mercedes-Benz 65 AMG and Audi’s V12 TDI engines.

Mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox this giant will run you some 99,000 euro (that’s close to $153,000). And if you want to throw some more money away, you can customize the F650 with gullwing doors, a leather interior and a navigation entertainment systems. Of course we’re not even going to think about the fuel-economy of this thing.

Geiger Cars Ford F650:




Source: WorldCarFans

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