Town asked to take down funny stop signs

Mayor Dave Heilmann had a great idea putting up remarks under stop sign in Oak Lawn in a way to get drivers to stop and pay attention instead of rolling through an intersection. However seven months after the signs went up, Oak Lawn has been told to take them down.

Supposedly IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) thinks that they violate the federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. IDOT said that if the signs don’t come down, Oak Lawn will lose federal funding.

“I thought that was a very harsh response to an effort to promote safety,” Heilmann said. “I truly believe the signs were making an impact. They were around schools and heavily trafficked areas. The community loved them, and we heard from all over the country about how thinking outside the box was a good way to reinforce the message that people need to stop.”

Heilmann orderedΒ that the $1,700 worth of signs be taken down.

Among some of the signs were:

– Stop. Means Stop.
– Stop. Then You Can Go.
– Stop. Or I”m Telling Your Mother.
– Stop. In the Naaaame of Love
– Stop. Hammer time.
– Stop. Eating animals.
– Stop. No Stoping.

Honestly we think this should have been a nation wide project. We’re pretty disappointed. How about you guys humor us by creating your own funny remarks to stop signs in the comments section below.


Source: Chicago Tribune

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