Lamborghini to share fewer components with Audi


Lamborghini is looking to distance itself from sister company Audi. According to president Stephen Winkelmann, future Lamborghinis will us only 20 percent of parts from Audis.

“In the future, we will always work together just on the hidden parts “” parts that will not touch the DNA of Lamborghini,” said Winkelmann. “That could include things like the electrical platforms that need high investment, or hoses and filters, but we have to safeguard against too much of it.”

The move comes after Lamborghini received criticism that its new Gallardo LP560-4 shares too many key parts with Audi’s R8.

On the flip side, Audi learned a lot by sharing technology with Lamborghini. Lambo’s industrial director Klaus Peter Korner said that Audi had no experience with cars like its Murcielago.

“We have a quality benchmark with Audi. We get the best and the fastest, and Audi gets us the cheapest.”

Wow, Audi just seems to be hearing it left and right from other Volkswagen owned companies. Stand up for youself Audi. Come on!