Chrysler to be smaller, partner with giants and built higher-quality cars

The big shots of Chrysler, CEO Bob Nardelli along with Jim Press and Tom LaSorda, have a different vision of Chrysler than what is considered as being one of the ‘Big Three.’ In a recent interview with The Detroit News, the three spoke of a Chrysler that will be smaller, partner with others and will built fewer but higher quality products.

Chrysler has “a long way to go” but is on the road to profitability, Nardelli said. “Getting there will require being smaller.”

Jim Press believes that by not aiming to be the biggest, Chrysler can fulfill the needs of people by building vehicles that emotionally connect to the buyer. Chrysler also aims at being a little car company with a lot of giant partners.

Chrysler recently announced a partnership with Nissan where Chrysler will begin builing pickup trucks for Nissan while Nissan will produce subcompact cars for Chrysler. Chrysler already builds minivans for Volkswagen and is still talking to Chery on producing a small car for the U.S.

After launching five models this year, Chrysler will slow down a bit with its product introductions and focus on make its existing lineup and future vehicles better in order to retain customer loyalty.


Source: Detroit News