Solar-powered road studs increase night-time vision, coming to the US

A solar powered ‘smart’ road-stud is making a significant contribution to road safety around the world. Astucia SolarLite ‘smart’ solar-powered road studs invented in the UK boost night-time and poor weather visibility for drivers that have a hard time seeing lines on the road.

Unlike your traditional road-reflectors, the ‘smart’ road studs store energy collected by solar panels during the day. The energy is then used by the built-in Light Emitting Diodes that automatically light up after dark providing up to 900 meters of visibility. That’s ten times more than traditional road-reflectors.

So are they making a difference? Currently the SolarLite studs have been installed in over 120 location across the UK, Netherlands, France, Australia and South Africa. Local authorities in places where the road studs have been installed reported a 70 percent reduction in accidents occuring in night time.

Astucia’s SolarLite studs will soon be making their way to the U.S. Astucia’s will also distribute the studs to Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Middle East, New Zealand, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, UK.

Astucia’s SolarLite Studs:



Source: Automotoportal

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