New entry-level Ferrari won’t be called Dino, will produce 430-hp

We recently brought you a short video of the upcoming 2+2 Ferrari that has come to be known as the Dino. Get rid of that name from your mind, because according to sources who spoke with CAR, the entry level Ferrari that will go head-to-head with the Porsche 911s won’t be called the Dino.

Codenamed F149, the 2+2 coupe will carry a price tag of around £150,000 putting it between the F430 and the 599GTB. Riding on a rear-wheel-drive platform produced by Maserati, the F149 will be a front-engined GT instead of mid-engined like the old Dino.

While its been said that the F149 will carry the 4.3L V8 from the F430, Ferrari may still consider the 4.2L or 4.7L V8 from Maserati and Alfa Romeo since the two are designed for a front-engined layout.

Head over to CAR to see more images of the car.