Want to save gas-money? Lose some weight! Focus lost over 70 pounds

No we’re not calling you fat and telling you to hit the gym so you can save a couple of bucks on gas. With fuel-economy being one of the most important factors for new car-buyers, automakers are looking to reduce weight of new vehicles as much as possible.

The redesigned 2008 Ford Focus lost over 70 pounds after engineers and parts suppliers looked for hundreds of ways to cur the excess pounds on the compact car.

The 2008 Ford Focus lost 12.2 pounds with lighter cushions in the back seat along with lightweight side bolsters. The body is made of lightweight high-strength steel cutting another 7.5 pounds while transmission coolers knocked off another 9.6 pounds. 4.5 pounds were cut by replacing brackets used to hold the tail lights with lighter braces. Majority of the weight was lost with the use of aluminum wheels dropping a total of 36.5 pounds.

Good job Focus, now focus on getting sexier looks along with all the weight you lost. All jokes aside, we have to give it to the Focus here. There is a reason that Ford planned to increase production of the Focus by 30 percent in 2008


Source: CNN

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