Toyota Camry Hybrid outselling V6 powered Camrys

According to Edmunds data for March, Toyota Camry Hybrid accounted for 22 percent of Camry’s 31,310 sales last month setting a new record of 6,930 units.

Toyota confirmed that the 22 percent of Camry Hybrids easily exceeds the 13 percent of its 3.5 liter V6 Camry sales. The Japanese automaker is now on course to sell close to 60,000 units of the Camry Hybrid this year as compared to the 54,477 it sold in 2007.

High gas-prices have helped Toyota’s hybrids become volume sellers for the company. The Japanese automaker sold 181,221 units of its Prius hybrid last year compared to 106,971 delivered in 2006.

The Camry Hybrid brings in a fuel-economy figure of 33/34mpg (city/highway) as compared to the 19/28mph for the V6 Camrys.


Source: AutoObserver