Fiat to resurrect the 1936 Topolino

A source familiar with Fiat’s future plans told Automotive News Europe, that the company’s Zastava plant in Serbia will build a new Fiat minicar smaller than the Fiat 500. The plant will also produce a new family of low-cost models that will debut in 2010 for central and eastern Europe.

The model to be built is dubbed the Topolino, an iconic two-seat minicar that Fiat introduced in 1936 called the Topolino 500. Based on the A-platform used on then Fiat 500 the Topolino will be a four-seater car. However, the platform will be reduced by 3150mm in length.

The production Topolino is expected to make its debut next year. In 2010, Fiat will also introduce an upscale version of the Topolino for its Lancia brand.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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