Porsche being spied on? Baby walkie-talkie found in CEO’s hotel suite

Volkswagen if this was you, that’s a pretty slick move there. Anyway, the bad blood between Volkswagen and majority shareholder seeking Porsche continues today as Porsche files a criminal complaint with authorities saying that someone had made an attempt to spy on their CEO, Wendelin Wiedeking.

According to German weekly Der Spiegel, a baby-monitoring system was found behind a sofa of the hotel suite one day before last year’s meeting of the supervisory board of Volkswagen. So they’re complaining now about something that happened a year ago? Interesting.

Porsche currently holds 31 percent shares of the Volkswagen AG Group. The police of Lower Saxony, who is actually the second largest shareholder of Volkswagen following Porsche with 20.1 percent, said they are investigating the complaint.


Source: CNN

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