Only 80 Bugatti Veyron Convertibles will be built

In the beginning of this month, Bugatti’s spokesman Georges Keller confirmed that the Volkswagen owned company will indeed be producing a targa-top version of the Veyron. The 6.0L W16 engine will be tuned down a bit to produces a total of 987-hp.

Top speed will be limited to 217-mph due to the convertible nature of the car, but that shouldn’t disappoint you much since we doubt you’ll be traveling at that speed on your daily drive to work.

AutoExpress revealed today that the Veyron convertible will cost close to £900,000 (close to $1.8 million USD). Production will be limited to only 80 units after it makes its debut next year at a major auto show. Bugatti has still to finish the 300 production run of the Veyron coupe.


Source: AutoExpress

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