Video: Kenny Smith takes a shot at Kobe’s Aston Martin jump

It’s still a mystery to most of us whether Lakers Kobe Bryant actually jumped over an Aston Martin as a publicity stunt for his latest Nike shoe. Obviously most of us think that he wouldn’t put his life in harms way since the Lakers would fine him out of his arse, however, the other few think that Kobe is definitely capable of such a stunt in reality.

Check out these two videos and look at what Kobe has to say about the jump. When asked by Channel 9 “Man how’d you jump over that car?” Kobe replies with a smile “Hollywood man.” Guess that answers your question.

In the second clip from ESPN, Kenny Smith tries to attempt the same jump in the ESPN parking lot.

Have a look and see after the jump if Kenny Smith successfully makes it over the car.

Kobe talks to Channel 9 about the Jump:


Kenny Smith attempts Kobe’s Aston Martin jump: