Forget Toyota and GM for a sec and look at Ford and Toyota

While everyone watching the fight for the number one spot between Toyota and GM, another race is in development and that is between Ford and Toyota. Yes, you read that right, Ford and Toyota.

According to AutoObserver’s research, for the past two months Ford has outsold Toyota and Ford’s recent performance has narrowed the gap between the two automakers to less than 3,000 vehicles. In 2007 Toyota reported 127,606 units sold more than Ford.

The race between the two could come down to pickups as Toyota’s Tundra starts to lose its position and the new 2009 Ford F-150 launches this fall. Not to mention Toyota recently announced that it will cut back on Turnda’s production to 180,000 units this year.

Ford will also be launching the Flex later this summer.


Source: AutoObserver

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