More info on the 262-hp Lotus Eagle

We were pretty excited when we heard that Lotus will debut the much anticipated Lotus Eagle at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show last month, however all we got to see was front module of the chassis. Now we’ll have to wait 11 weeks until the London Motor Show to see the whole thing.

Nonetheless, our friends over at CAR, have the low down on the upcoming Eagle that will be fit above the Elise, Exige and Europa in the Lotus range. Carrying the same engine from the U.S. market Toyota Camry, the Lotus Eagle will be powered by a V6 engine that produces 262-hp along with 248 lb-ft of torque.

CAR says its way too early to talk about the performance figures, but with the weight just over a tonne, don’t expect anything less than a very impress 0-60 time. All the reduction in weight will be due to Lotus Engineering”s Versatile Vehicle Architecture technology that combines lightweight aluminum vehicle architecture with an exceptionally strong and stiff structural rigidity.

Production for the Lotus Eagle is slated for the end of this year with UK sales to start in spring of 2009. According to dealers pricing will be around £45,000 ($89,085 in USD). U.S. will also see a few units of the Eagle with sales to start in the latter half of 2009.

Source: CAR

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