Fiat 500 hybrid could get around 80mpg

Fiat has already confirmed that it is working on a gasoline and diesel hybrid-drive system for its small cars and vans that could hit the streets by 2011. AutoExpress now brings us some info on the Fiat 500 hybrid which could provide outstanding fuel-economy and extremely low CO2 emissions.

Sources say that the upcoming 900cc 2-cylinder engine will be mated with a motor and battery pack and will allow the 500 to run a short distance on electricity alone. Mated with the stop-start system and a VW DSG style dual-clutch gearbox, the 500 hybrid promises CO2 emissions of below 90g/km.

The engine is expected produce up to 65-hp along with fuel-economy figures of around 80mpg. The Fiat 500 is expected to debut alongside the 105-hp turbo variant and will be in showrooms in 2011.

We saw a greener version of the Fiat 500 at the Geneva Motor Show last month that reduced fuel-economy by 10 percent.

Fiat 500 Aria Gallery:

Fiat 500 Aria Fiat 500 Aria Fiat 500 Aria


Source: AutoExpress

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