BMW’s U.S. Chairman to take over as Rolls-Royce CEO

Our main man in the U.S. and BMW’s chairman of North America will be leaving on July 1st, 2008 to move on to bigger and better things. Tom Purves will leave his position as chairman of BMW in the U.S. to become the CEO of BMW’S Rolls-Royce division.

Purves, 59, will succeed Ian Robertson, who was named BMW’s head of sales and marketing to replace departing Stefan Krause. For some reason that sounds like a demotion to us, but whatever.

Purves is familiar with the ultra-luxury BMW division where started his career as an apprentice engineer. He later become sales director of BMW’s British operations and than moving on to run Land Rover, Rover and MINI, the first two of which BMW sold later. Purves has since headed up the North American region since 1999.

Jim O’Donnell, 58, will take Purves position as CEO of the North American unit.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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