Next Bentley Arnage to be bigger, V12 TDI diesel in the works

Volkswagen Group owned Bentley is already working on its new flagship Arnage and recent test mules prove that the next-generation model will be bigger and a true Rolls-Royce beater. Recent spy shots show that the B-pillar of the Arnage has been widened providing a more spacious interior.

The big shots at Bentley are also considering using a high-performance diesel for the next-generation Arnage working together with sister company Audi. Word is that the V12 TDI seen in recent Audi R8 concept could find its way into the Bentley lineup.

Bentley has been outspoken about its initiatives to cut down on CO2 emissions by at least 15 percent by 2012. The Volkswagen owned company is working on a new powertrain that will deliver 40 percent improved fuel-economy.

Rumor also has it that Bugatti’s W16 will also be offered in the Arnage lineup for the T model. While it will be underrated, the engine is said to propel the Arnage from 0-62 in less than 5 seconds. Volkswagen’s new 7-speed DSG gearbox is also being considered.


Source: AutoExpress

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