2009 Ford Fusion to get more powerful and efficient

Speaking to dealers last week in Las Vegas, FoMoCo revealed that the new 2009 Ford Fusion will get a more powerful and more efficient powertrain when it debuts later this year.

The current 160-hp engine will be replaced by Ford’s new 2.5L 4-cylinder unit that produces 170-hp and is mated to a new six-speed transmission.

Ford also told dealers that it will introduces a more powerful and efficient V6 unit for its Escape and Mariner SUVs. While there is no word whether that V6 will be dropped in the Fusion, but it is very likely to replace the existing 3.0L V6.

The 2009 Ford Fusion will also feauter a new front and rear fascia and an upgraded interior. A hybrid variant for the Ford Fusion lineup has already been confirmed.


Source: Detroit News

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