Saturn launches blog and social networking web site

Bob Lutz understands the value of blogging over at GM’s FastLane blog in order to address advancements, issues or hickups that the automaker is facing. GM’s owned Saturn on Monday launched their own blog along with a little social networking feature for Saturn enthusiasts called

Jill Lajdaziak, Saturn’s general manager, said that she plans to post on the blog periodically along with other Saturn execs. “You’ll find news about Saturn and see photos and videos you haven’t seen anywhere else.”

The new site features groups such as Saturn Tuners club, 200,000 plus-miles group, Ion forums, Saturn Sky forums and many others. The first 400 members, which the site has probably already accumulated, will get a free T-shirt.

“You can also start your own blog or your own group, or join other groups, and upload your own photos and videos,” Lajdziak said.

Source: InsideLine

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