Tiguan too expensive and too small? VW to add a mid-sized 7-seater

Volkswagen is planning to extend its SUV lineup with an addition of another mid-sized 7-seater. The SUV will fill the gap between the Tiguan and the Touareg and could go on sale 2011 to take on the Volvo XC60.

It was thought earlier that Volkswagen would stretch the Tiguan the same way Nissan did with the Qashqai. Instead of using existing platforms like the upcoming Q5, Volkswagen will buildĀ the model on the platform of the next-generation Passat.

Now the next-generationĀ Touareg will be bigger and meaner so Volkswagen thought it would be best to have a standalone model based on the future Passat. The new mid-sized 7-seater came about after dealers complained that the Tiguan is too small and too expensive to be profitable in the North American market.

Hopefully, the mid-sized 7-seater will be affordable.

Source: Automotoportal

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