Mercedes GLK will come in right-hand drive

We once read in some car magazine on the rack of Barns and Noble that the Europeans won’t be getting a right-hand drive Mercedes-Benz GLK. However, the guy at Car Online are reporting that, while it’s still top secret, there is a 99 percent chance GLK will be available in right-hand drive from 2010.

Speaking to a senior engineer heading up the program, CAR Online, the GLK will be the first right-hand 4-Matic Benz. The redesigned C-Class and the next-generation E-Class will follow.

Nonetheless, a right-hand GLK isn’t an easy task for Mercedes. It’s not a matter of just switching driveshafts and adding a differential, engineers need to develop a totally new application of components.

PS: We flipped the picture of the GLK interior to see what it would look like.

Source: CAR

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