Cities forced to refund money after tampering with traffic lights

Ever wonder why that yellow light in your neighborhood is so short? Well it could be your city is cheating you just to get more money out of your pockets and wasting your time in long court room sessions.

Six cities have been caught in the act after they shortened their yellow lights in order to catch ‘red-light runners.’ Chattanooga, Tennessee, Dallas, Texas, Springfield, Missouri, Lubbock, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee and Union City, California have been caught manipulating their traffic lights in order to collect more revenue.

Yellow lights should be at least 4.5 seconds long, but cities like Nashville, Tennessee were clocked in having a yellow light time of less than 3 seconds.

Cities like Chattanooga, who ended up giving back $8,800 in red-light tickets, are being forced to refund the money to citizens.

Source: KickingTires

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