Mercedes-Benz working on making AMG greener

If the main purpose of your division was to produce more horsepower, improve braking and handling and add other enhancements to car, cutting back on CO2 emissions is not easy or your first priority. However, with the changing times Mercedes-Benz’s AMG executives are struggling with how to move on in a world that is now demanding higher fuel-economy and lower CO2.

“Believe me, the world will change dramatically in the next 10 years,” said Wolf Zimmerman, chief operating officer of Mercedes-AMG.

The European Commission wants to cut down the average CO2 fleet emissions of all new cars to 120 grams per kilometer in 2012.

“That is not easy,” Zimmerman said. “Together with Mercedes we are around 170 grams, so it is a long way to go.”

We’ve heard before that AMG will introduce gasoline direct-injection engines and start/stop technology in its entire lineup by 2012. Rumor also has it that AMG is working on a powerful V8 diesel model which will create more than 516 lb-ft of torque as well as hybrid technology.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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