John Hennessey sets his sights on the Lexus IS-F, Nissan GT-R, ZR1 and more

When you think of Hennessey, you think of extremely powerful Dodge Vipers. But let’s not forget that tuner John Hennessey and his team are also known for tuning BMWs, Buggatis and Fords.

No in an interview with InsideLine, John Hennessey dropped hints that the tuner make be looking to work on Japanese automakers Lexus and Nissan.

“We have a new IS-F coming in next week. Our plan with that car is to test some headers, exhaust and air induction items first. Then maybe a blower,” said Hennessey.

Hennessey also said that high on his list of prospects are the Nissan GT-R, Cadillac CTS-V, Corvette ZR-1 and the upcoming Chevrolet Camaro. Hennessey believes that the Corvette ZR-1 has the potential to deliver up to 700-plus horsepower.

Source: InsideLine

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