Chrysler planning a hybrid variant for Dodge Ram

Chrysler is planning to bring a hybrid-electric Dodge Ram pickup to the U.S. market by 2010. According to Frank Klegon, Chrysler’s executive vice president of product development, a hybrid version of its pickup could reshape the company’s portfolio in the coming years.

Later this year, Chrysler will also introduce the Aspen and Dodge Durango hybrids. Supposedly this is just the beginning of Chrysler’s hybrid onslaught. Jim Press, Chrysler’s new vice president, said previously that that Chrysler “absolutely” expects to provide a hybrid or diesel variants of all their models.

Klegon also said that help is on the way for Chrysler to help upgrade and add more features to many of its vehicles. He said the Chrysler will introduce UConnect in its car, a system that compares to Ford’s SYNC system.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)