Bugatti confirms Veyron convertible

Bugatti spokesman Georges Keller confirmed that the brand will be producing a Veyron convertible. Keller said that the Volkswagen owned company will introduce a ‘targa’ version of the Veyron next year.

A former Bugatti executive also said that the company will offer a variant with a removable hardtop “because there was no other solution which could fit with its safety cage.”

Sources have previously confirmed that the car is already on the roads and ready for testing. However, Bugatti will be limiting the top speed of the Veyron Targa to at least 211mph to meet standards. Don’t be so sad because we all know you won’t be traveling at that on a regular basis.

No word on how many Veyron convertibles Bugatti will produce. The company still hasn’t finished its production run of 300 Veyron coupes.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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