First autobahn speed limit imposed

If you’ve ever wanted to drive the autobahn for its celebrity status of not having a speed limit, you better get over to Germany quick. The northern city of Bremen has become the first to introduce a speed limit on its autobahns yesterday and it doesn’t look like it’ll stop there. The speed limit, set to 75mph, will affect 37 miles of road.

“This is a good day for traffic safety and we are also sending a signal about protecting the environment and climate,” said Reinhard Loske, Bremen’s environment minister. “Our goal is to introduce a general speed limit on motorways in the whole of Germany together with other states,” added Loske.

The autobahn was built without any speed limits by the Nazis and since World War Two the German car industry, including BMW Mercedes and Porsche, has lobbied hard against introducing any national rules.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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