Carbonyte stretches the Smaaart ForTwo

Carbonyte Smaaart ForTwo

Let’s hope Carbonyte doesn’t get sued by Daimler for this one. Creator’s of the world’s first Ferrari limousine now bring you the world’s only stretched SmartCar, the Carbonyte Smaaart.

Led by ex-McLaren man Chris Wright, Carbonyte took Benz’s Smart ForTwo and stretched its chassis by 2700mm, creating a 17 feet Smart. So you’re probably wondering how that little engine under the Smart’s hood pulls this 17-footer. Well Carbonyte says that due to its ligthweight alloy chassis the Smaaart can still travel comfortably at 80mph.

The prototype Smaaart is currently just a promo vehicle but Carbonyte says individual clients can lease or purchase it at a projected cost of £25,000, with almost any theme in the centre. Carbonyte is also looking to offer the Smaaart in the funeral industry as a hearse for those who want to die environmentally-friendly style.

Carbonyte Smaaart ForTwo:

Carbonyte Smaaart ForTwo Carbonyte Smaaart ForTwo Carbonyte Smaaart ForTwo