Photo Rendering: More info on the Lexus’ Prius hybrid-only model

Photo Rendering: More info on the Lexus' Prius hyrid-only model

So here is the first rendered speculation of what Lexus’ hybrid-only model will look like. The car which is set to debut at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show is being called a “˜lifestyle wagon-like vehicle based on the Prius platform and drivetrain.”

More info has popped up on VWVortex forums courtesy of a scan from MagX. According to the post, the Lexus hybrid, internally known as the 812L, will have a roofline similar to that of the Prius with distinct Lexus styling that will be in sync with the L-finesse design language.

Pricing is expected to be over $30,000. While it’s still uncertain whether or not the next-generation Prius will use lithium-ion batteries, the Lexus 812L is expected to be equipped with Li-On batteries since Lexus can offset the development cost with a higher price point.


Source: VWVortex

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