Ford pledges to reduce emissions by 30 percent

Ford is winning praise from shareholders and others after it made a pledge on Wednesday to reduce emissions of its U.S. and European vehicles by 30 percent between now and 2020. Ford, along with New Jersey-based Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment and the Connecticut state treasurer’s office, offered detailed targets for cutting emissions by 30 percent from its new vehicle fleet by 2020.

The group said that Ford was the first U.S. automakers to respond and should be used as an example for other automakers like GM. The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility said it would ask GM to make a similar pledge at GM’s shareholder meeting.

Ford said it will take on many approached to meet the new fuel-economy standards, including its EcoBoost line, weight reduction and advanced technologies such as plug-in hybrids.

The move will help the automaker reach reductions required by new U.S. fuel economy standards which call for a 40% increase or 35mpg by 2020.


Source: MSNBC

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