Video: 2008 BMW M3 Revolution Ad (and the making of it)

Video: 2008 BMW M3 Revolution Ad (and the making of it)

CGI would’ve been the easy way out for IdeaCity, a Texas based advertisement agency, but after visiting the M facility in Munich, IdeaCity had BMW give them three 4.0 liter V8s to study and shoot this amazing work of art. It’s amazing what can be done with no computer-effects and 6 weeks of grueling hard work.

IdeaCity describes the ad as: A single engine revolution. The purest functional element of an internal combustion engine. A visual story of how only BMW manipulates air, fuel, electricity and fire, transitioning them into the heartbeat that is the first ever production V8 BMW M3.

Just sad to see three of those 4.0 liter V8s dismantled.

Check out the new 30 second spot along with the making of it after the jump.

Click through for the video.

BMW M3 Revolution – The Making:


BMW M3 Revolution Spot:


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