Trend-setting Californians to get first dibs on the Chevy Volt

Toyota’s Prius has been called to the iPod of the automotive industry. We don’t know about you but when we see a Toyota Prius owner we think of a trendy individual who cares about the environment and downloads their music legally onto their iPods. Well it seems like GM’s in trying to go the same route for its upcoming Volt.

According to Bob Lutz, the Chevrolet Volt will first be launched in ‘trend-setting’ markets when it arrives in late 2010. In an e-mail to the Detroit Free Press, Lutz said that GM plans to distribute the Volt to Californians first, followed by Washington D.C., Florida and then New York.

“Of course, that’s only current thinking, and the plans could change” as the electric-drive car is still more than two years away, Lutz said.

GM is expected to start road testing of the Volt later this month.


Source: Detroit Free Press

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