2010 Ford Taurus image leaked – Nice, but what’s that in the background?

2010 Ford Taurus image leaked - Nice, but what's that in the background?

We were going to stay away from posting anything on the leaked image of the 2010 Ford Taurus that you guys probably saw around the web yesterday since Ford had contacted many sites to take it down. But after getting an interesting tip from ‘Thumper’ and seeing InsideLine post the image without being scared of any legal action from Ford, we couldn’t hold it in.

Besides seeing the new Superman 2010 Ford Taurus in the image, observative ‘Thumper’ pointed another vehicle in the shot that he believes could be a clay carve out of the production Lincoln MKR or even a Taurus or MKS coupe.

Thumper writes: in the picture of the “new” Taurus everybody is talking about did anybody take the time to notice the awfully Lincoln MKS-ish looking coupe in the background of that pic? If you look in the back of the pic there is a mustang wheel, now we all know the MKR concept was based on a mustang. Is it possible this car rolled into the design studio on mustang gear, and is now being fitted with a little Lincoln attire? The lines look a lot like a coupe to me even though the picture is bad. Would it not make sense to build a competitor to the upcoming CTS concept/test mule(especially with the ecoboost motor in it, or even an unlikley Taurus coupe? I would really like some feedback on this idea/scoop.

So have your say in the comments section below and help Thumper out.

Click through for a larger image.

2010 Ford Taurus Image Leaked:

2010 Ford Taurus image leaked - Nice, but what's that in the background?


Thanks for the tip Thumper!

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