Mercedes SLC supercar and SL Black Series to share major components

As we told you earlier this week, Mercedes will be ending production of its SLR McLaren Roadster later next year to make room for its upcoming SLC supercar. We now have more info on the car from the good folks at AutoCar who claim that the upcoming SL65 Black Series will share major components with the SLC.

The gullwing supercar will indeed be developed my AMG who is planning on using the same axels on the SLC that they will use on the SL65 Black Series. However, unlike the Black Series SL, the SLC will use an aluminum spaceframe in order to reduce weight and increase the strength of the car. Of course we will also see major use of carbon fiber as Mercedes moves to building an alloy car for the first time.

The two will also share AMG’s 6.2L V8 engine developing well over 600-hp. Transmission for both cars is expected to come from the recently launched SL63 AMG with a 7-speed MCT gearbox. AutoCar says that there is also a possibility of a BMW M-style electronic differential.

To increase aerodynamics, the SLC and the Black Series SL65 will feature a pop-up spoiler that will rise at speeds above 60mph.

So there you have, to very very hot cars coming from Stuttgart very soon.


Source: AutoCar

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